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DRE Plus: The Premier Entertainment Solution


You may already be familiar with DRE, or DIRECTV Residential Experience.  DRE is an in-room commercial satellite solution for Hotels and Senior Living properties.  Known as DIRECTV’s “home-away-from-home” system, DRE provides guests and residents with over 100 HD channels, an Interactive Programming Guide, and a simplified Anti-Microbial Remote.


The most advanced entertainment solution available is DRE Plus.  Including the features detailed above, DRE Plus integrates a Management Control Server (MCS), which allows a property to interact with each receiver via remote connection.  This advanced technology presents several useful features to the Hospitality and Long-Term Care industries.


Properties in both industries will find the ability to seamlessly integrate DVR functionality is a tremendous advantage over competitors.  Additionally, each receiver’s Programming Guide can be customized from the MCS.  For instance, if you have a group of people that have an objection to a particular channel in your lineup, you can remove it.  Once those individuals have left the property, you can restore the settings to default.


Guest Welcome Screen basic layout
Guest Welcome Screen basic layout

DRE Plus comes with the fully customizable Guest Welcome Screen, offering an interactive experience on the televisions.  Using tailored apps, the Guest Welcome Screen optimizes an individual’s viewing interaction while promoting property amenities and services.  Senior Living communities can use the Info App as an in-house channel for campus events and activities, while Hotels can promote their amenities, such as restaurant menus, bar specials, or spa hours.


As the hallmark of in-room television advancement, DRE Plus is a huge upgrade for any property.  The advancements of DRE Plus provide several competitive advantages over others in both the Lodging and Senior Living industries.  As the latest and greatest technology, DRE Plus ensures you are prepared for changes in the ever-evolving landscape of commercial television delivery.


With over 15 years of experience, NationSat has the expertise to guide you through your transition.  Give yourself the opportunity to compare your current television bill to a NationSat solution and ask us for a quote. Our goal is to form a partnership, because a good partner is sure to have your interests in mind when making recommendations.  With that kind of relationship, you can count on getting NationSat(isfied)!


Coming soon: DRE Plus & Guest Welcome Screen PRO!

Written by Adam Geraets on September 28, 2015
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