NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee
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NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee

Meet Your NationSat TeamA successful business relationship involves a true and trusted partnership.

At NationSat we promise to listen. We promise to communicate openly and honestly. We promise to save you money. We promise to treat each customer as the unique community that you are. We promise to make recommendations with your best interest in mind. We promise NationSat(isfaction).


Tim GustManaging Principal 507-449-6010  |  1-888-332-3577, Ext. 121

Tim Gust is the founder of NationSat and manages the day-to-day operations. Sitting at a desk is not the way Tim does business; he is a man of action and personally serves the individuals who have chosen NationSat as their television programming provider.

With 25 years of satellite experience, this Gustavus Adolphus College alumnus, with degrees in marketing and history, knows the business. Tim continues to specialize in satellite research and development since opening NationSat in 2000.

Tim is a born leader and doesn’t shy from pushing limits. He runs marathons (12 thus far), opened his own microbrewery, and claims a corn hole championship title. However, his daily goal is to ensure NationSat(isfaction) by offering a “direct” line to him and the entire NationSat Team.

Jim HoferCreative Principal 952-445-8950  |  1-888-332-3577, Ext. 122

Customer retention and sales have been Jim’s focus since starting NationSat in 2000 with Tim Gust. Also a Gustavus Adolphus College alumnus, Jim graduated with a degree in Business. However, he is anything but a “numbers guy” Jim’s passion is the people that he and NationSat serve.

A company is only as good as the people that lead it, and Jim epitomizes this. He is the big- picture thinker and program development continues to drive him. Jim is confident, knowledgeable and firmly committed to offering excellent customer service.

Jim is not only a great cook, he is proficient on numerous musical instruments. He promises that by choosing NationSat, you, too, will be singing DIRECTV’s praises.

Brenda FordVice-President of Business Development 507-283-4300  |  1-888-332-3577, Ext. 123

To Brenda, “Business Development” doesn’t just mean securing new customers; it means making sure current customers continue to be satisfied NationSat Partners.

Brenda’s approach to DIRECTV consultation is a combination of knowledge, experience, and fun! With a B.A. in business from Pacific Lutheran University, 10 years in healthcare, and 20 years in sales/account management, Brenda has a proven record of success in customer satisfaction – and more importantly – personal client relationships. Brenda’s love of people and infectious energy drives NationSat to be recognized as superior in customer satisfaction and retention in the world of satellite television.

Brenda recently took a “bucket-list” leap and zip-lined in the Bahamas. She now invites you to join her and take the leap into the adventure – the world of DIRECTV.

A Nationwide Team Means NationSat(isfaction)

DIRECTV provides hundreds of professional installers through the country. These men and women are industry trained and certified in every avenue of technology. Not only are they experts in their field, they are models of personalized customer service. There is a NationSat installer waiting to call on you today!

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