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DRE Plus and Guest Welcome Screen PRO

NationSat_logoIf you have taken the chance to familiarize yourself with DRE Plus, you are aware that it is DIRECTV’s latest and most advanced commercial television system for Hotels and Senior Living campuses.  Features include access to over 100 HD Channels, optional DVR capability, anti-microbial Remotes, integration into your Property Management System, and a Management Control Server that allows for Guest Message Delivery, Channel Favorites List, Parental Control, and Remote Monitoring Capability, amongst others.

In an evolving industry with changing demographic demands, DRE Plus gives your business a competitive edge.  If you’re looking for a customized, home-like entertainment solution, DRE Plus has no rival.  In addition, you will be reducing long-term costs by minimizing future upgrade requirements.  Now you can drive loyalty and repeat business at your Hotel or increase resident satisfaction at your Senior Living property.

To furtDTV_ATT_ForBizAuthDealer_wTagline_Vert_logo_4Cher capitalize on all of the great benefits DRE Plus provides, take a look at Guest Welcome Screen PRO.  With PRO, you can now fully customize the television screen.  Personalize the television experience with targeted guest messaging, and generate additional revenue with numerous advertising capabilities.  Plus, content delivery is supported via cloud-based technology, meaning input management and analytics are available to the individual property or the corporate office.  So, a Management Company overseeing several properties can brand Guest Welcome Screen PRO to look the same at each location if desired.

Example GWS PRO Layout for Hotels.

With the ability to engage guests and residents through their television, satisfaction is sure to rise.  Hotel guests will appreciate the ease and efficiency that comes with DRE Plus & Guest Welcome Screen PRO.  The frequent traveler will enjoy simply turning on their television to review the special amenities your hotel offers.  On top of that, you can acknowledge your regular guests and offer them special members-only benefits, all thanks to PRO’s tailoring capabilities.


Welcome Screen Pro - SL 1
Example GWS PRO layout for Senior Living

For Senior Living properties, Guest Welcome Screen PRO can serve as an In-House channel.  Several Local Content Insertion pages are available with DRE Plus, which allows PRO to complete the goal of connecting residents all across your campus.  With the power to fully customize the Welcome Screen, you can simplify navigation for your residents, making it easy for them to find the calendars, schedules, and menus that are posted.



Open the Door to DRE Plus & GWS PRO at your Property

The bottom line is that DRE Plus is the ultimate upgrade for commercial properties.  Now you can fully complete that upgrade with Guest Welcome Screen PRO.  To ensure a seamless transition from cable, let NationSat make the process easy for you.  We have been serving the Lodging and Senior Living industries since 2000, and we have the expertise to guide you through your transition.  Our goal is to form a partnership, because a good partner is sure to have your interests in mind when making recommendations.  With that kind of relationship, you can count on getting NationSat(isfied)!

Written by Adam Geraets on December 2, 2015
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