NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee
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NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee

NationSat(isfied) Partners

We are proud to serve some of the most successful Healthcare and Senior Living communities. In addition, we are honored to serve nationally recognized Hotel and Lodging Companies. An individual’s comfort, happiness and quality of life is their top priority, so we are honored that they have chosen to partner with NationSat. 

In letters and emails, we celebrate words and phrases such as: timely, immediate, quick, honest, real, pleasant, easy, smooth transition, happy residents, and cost-saving. One Executive Director of a Senior Living recently confessed, “It seems too good to be true!” Please check out what our other customers are saying about NationSat.


Director of Technological Support
Continuing Care Retirement Campus

New Mexico

In August, 2010, our campus switched from a local TV cable provider to NationSat. We were paying up to 25% higher costs with no cap in sight.  Our only recourse was to pass the increase on to our residents. The decision to make the change to NationSat was simple.

Today, our residents enjoy free TV. This investment will pay for itself in comparison to yearly cable increases. Also, our residents now have ownership and have a say. They no longer pay for high priced cable, package bundling or extra cable boxes. Long term contracts are gone. What remains is more time, money, flexibility and channels. Our package includes 73 channels, including music, three in-house channels and a TV guide.

We have always appreciated the quick response and quality of service that we receive from NationSat. We often find ourselves recommending your firm to others based upon the satisfaction that you provide us every time.

Angie Rodenberg, Manager
Pines Motel

12458 US 18, Postville, Iowa 52162

We were connected with DIRECTV though NationSat. We had a good experience as they were very helpful. Pines Motel loves our service and so do our guests! Thanks for all your help and your continuing support!

Corporate Purchasing Consultant
SNF/AL Parent Company

Our Corporate office has realized hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings in our operational costs over the past 5 years. As cable costs continue to rise, we have found a solution with NationSat that works. NationSat has given us outstanding customer service and has always stood by each and every system they install.

Our residents place a priority on their television services, so ease of use and variety are critical when delivering service to them. NationSat has not disappointed.

NationSat directs each project from start to finish, providing a true custom system for each of our unique location’s needs. They provide continuing coaching for residents and training for our staff. With NationSat, we are eager to continue to innovate and provide custom services for our residents, while saving money! Win-Win!

Administrator Testimonials

Hear directly from several Administrators and Executive Directors about why they chose NationSat over cable.

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Alan Moretti, Director of Plant Operations
Loyola University Medical Center


We called on a Wednesday to see if there was any way to get NFL Network added into our lineup for a game that would be showing the following night.  The game was Green Bay vs. Dallas, and we had some child patients that were huge Packers fans.

Within a few hours, the channel was set up for our patients.  This was a big deal for these kids, and we really want to thank NationSat for making this possible.  Please extend our gratitude to the NationSat team and all that were involved.

John Vrba, CEO
Burgess Square Healthcare & Rehabilitation Centre

5801 S Cass Ave, Westmont, IL 60559

Kudos to NationSat – a company that delivers what they say they are going to deliver! In the past 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to experience NationSat from two different viewpoints, first in the skilled nursing sector and now as an independent owner. Whether it is a large or small project, NationSat delivers a quality product with quality customer service.

Over the two decades, I can only remember a handful of times in which we had an issue; on each of those occasions, either Jim Hofer or Tim Gust was there to address it in a timely and effective manner. They are always just a call, text or email away. NationSat cares about our business, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They provide an awesome system and top notch customer service.

Senior Living Manager
Skilled Nursing Facility


After many years of having the same television provider, we decided to consider other options. We were disillusioned by the poor customer service and rising costs of a previous provider. Residents were continually complaining about never being able to get a hold of a “real person.” Therefore, I spent hours on the phone assisting them. Time was wasted, and we were all frustrated.

Then, we found NationSat. Our residents no longer have to deal with terrible customer service. I can place a call or send an email and get a response within hours and sometimes minutes; however, most times, they are readily available.

We now select our stations with our residents’ input. We are kept up-to-date on upgrades. Although problems are few, we are able to troubleshoot most on our own. If not, assistance is sent quickly. The best news is that we are saving approximately $2,999.00 a month.

I would highly recommend NationSat to any senior living community!

Regional Director, Skilled Nursing
Skilled Nursing Facility


I recommend NationSat to any potential customers. As a result of switching to NationSat, we are now able to provide DIRECTV free of charge to all our residents. Previous to this, all new residents had to call the cable company to initiate the cumbersome process of activating their room’s cable. This – at times – took up to a week to complete.

I also enjoy the ability to select networks; specifically, we add MLB during the baseball season. Our residents love their Cardinals and Cubs! Also, we enjoy watching Hawkeye sports!

Due to NationSat’s low quotes, our facilities have absorbed the cost of providing this service. At one location, it is anticipated that – cumulatively – our residents will save approximately $70,000 in cable services in 2015. Simply, thank you!

Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facility
Skilled Nursing Facility


I can’t over emphasize how pleasant and easy a transition it has been for our facility to move from cable TV to a satellite system. Quality of picture is outstanding, channel selection is excellent, and overall financial savings significant.

When Brenda first made contact with me about the possibilities of switching to a NationSat system, I was cautious. Prior to this time, my experiences with providers of satellite TV services had been limited to home systems supplied by ‘fly-by-night’ installers. However, my experience in dealing with your helpful, friendly staff has changed my mind. Thank you for providing honest figures, courteous service and timely advice.

I hope other facilities who are interested in offering a superior TV service at a substantial savings will give NationSat serious consideration. I’m glad that our property did.

Executive Director, CCRC
Continuing Care Retirement Campus


In 2009, we were faced with a rate increase from our local cable company. Furthermore, we were also told that our cabling needed upgrading. The cable company was very willing to replace it – at their cost – if we would sign a five year contract that included unlimited, yearly fees. At the end, they would still own the cabling. We would be at their mercy.

Instead, we chose to fund the cabling ourselves and switch to NationSat satellite television. We doubled the channel options, and residents are allowed to choose their channels. Our monthly payment went down to instantly.

It seems too good to be true, but happier residents, lower monthly rate, more channel options, and a community channel for running daily activities, menus and announcements is our reality! NationSat was the best decision we ever made.