NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee
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NationSat(isfaction) is Our Guarantee

NationSat(isfied) Partners

We are proud to serve some of the most successful Healthcare and Senior Living communities. In addition, we are honored to serve nationally recognized Hotel and Lodging Companies. An individual’s comfort, happiness and quality of life is their top priority, so we are honored that they have chosen to partner with NationSat. 

In letters and emails, we celebrate words and phrases such as: timely, immediate, quick, honest, real, pleasant, easy, smooth transition, happy residents, and cost-saving. One Executive Director of a Senior Living recently confessed, “It seems too good to be true!” Please check out what our other customers are saying about NationSat.


Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facility
Skilled Nursing Facility


It has been great working with NationSat. I love the fact that we can pick which stations we want and not have to settle for a “package” that costs more and includes stations that we don’t want. I also love some of the extra features like the in-house channel information and movie channels.

Cost savings have been significant. Customer service is also outstanding. NationSat not only responds to requests from our center, but also reaches out to us with opportunities to reduce costs and improve service.