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NationSat offers customized, cost-saving television entertainment solutions for Healthcare/Senior Living and Hotel/Lodging facilities nationwide. NationSat(isfaction) means exceptional personal service, state-of-the-art products and attractive price points.

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NationSat(isfaction) provides customized, bulk-cable programming at extremely affordable prices as a result of our partnership with DIRECTV and our lean and flexible structure.

Exceptional Service 24/7/365
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NationSat(isfied) Partners

David Nuñez, Technology Support
Good Samaritan Society - Las Cruces Village

3025 Terrace Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88011

In August, 2010, our campus switched from a local TV cable provider to NationSat. We were paying up to 25% higher costs with no cap in sight; our only recourse was to pass the increase on to our residents. The decision to make the change […]

Shareen Anderson, Executive Director
Good Samaritan Society - Greeley Communities

708 22nd St., Greeley, CO 80631

In 2009, the Good Samaritan Society Greeley communities were faced with a rate increase from our local cable company. Furthermore, we were also told that our cabling needed upgrading. The cable company was very willing to replace it – at their cost – if we […]

Let NationSat Make You a Hero!

If you are new to DIRECTV or have enjoyed it for years with another provider, we want to hear from you. Together, we will create the best plan of action for you!

Programming changes and technology evolves.  NationSat wants to provide you with choices that make sense for your community. As partners, we will customize a package that will make you an entertainment hero!

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